An internet user and artist.

Hello, and welcome to my carrd! This is a basic source of information about me that can be helpful! Questions and others may be answered!

  • Pronouns? They/them

  • Age? MINOR!!!!!

  • Who is mrmph? Me, I'm mrmph.

  • What is a mrmph? Me, I'm a mrmph.

Find me! 
Discord: mrmph#5257Instagram: @mrmphk
Pinterest: @mrmphkNo that's it, only 2 ways

Discord is a bit dfficult, you'd have to let me know on Instagram
I am not truly active on Instagram
You can see my cool boards that inspire me on pinterest

I am mrmph, pronouns are they/them
I do art on the occassion and like to share it!
I also am quite active online.
I am a little shy if you reach out, but I think I'm pretty friendly. Really, I'm just an artist sharing my passion :)

  • I am NOT okay with sex related things!

  • Keep in mind I am a MINOR!

  • I am not your friend! Think of me as a stranger unless otherwise stated!

  • ^ Don't be creepy, or overshare, or ask me personal questions!

  • Do not ship me with anyone

More can and will be added!
Think of a standard boundary list and add these on!

Hello, you came here looking for commissions, right? Unfortuately, they aren't open right now, but if you'd like you can join a little waitlist to be the first before it even comes out! Cool, right?

Things I can do: Humanoid figures, Furries, Simple Backgrounds
Things I might do (consult me): Robots, animals, shaded backgrounds
Things I won't do: NSFW, too complex character, too complex backgrounds

  • JRWI is a favorite of mine

  • Slimecicle is my favorite fella

  • My friends are very cool!

  • I love Lemon Demon, The Wallows, Tally Hall

  • Horror films, comedies, art/ists, writing/writers!

  • Overcooked! 2

  • Goose Goose Duck

  • The Quarry

  • Missed Messages

  • Viridi

  • Tonight We Riot

  • Sky: Children of the light

  • Minecraft

  • Her Tears

  • The Underworld Office

  • Card Thief

  • Mini Skull

  • Cat Alone 2

  • and more!

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Not everyone here has a carrd I can like, but I think they are neat and deserve to be here.