Meet the artist - mrmph!

Hello, I am mrmph

I am an artist on the internet who enjoys to consume media. I also make arts for myself and share it with the world

Thank you for your support + love

If you want more, look down!

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Commission Info

Will doWon't do
Show characterscomplex characters
simple backgroundscomplex backgrounds
Furriesmaybe more. . .
small animals 

Headshot5$ (USD)7$ (USD)10$ (USD)
Bust10$ (USD)12$ (USD)15$ (USD)
Full boddy15$ (USD)17$ (USD)20$ (USD)

1 character ^

.Solid Color/GradientColorfulBasic
.Free+2$ (USD)+3$ (USD)

You can message me for more info here, or add it down here v

Interests I have

  • Jrwi show

  • Mob Psycho 100

  • Slimecicle

  • Horror Films

  • Comedies

  • Minecraft

  • Sky: The Children of The Light

  • Overcooked! 2

  • The Underworld Office

  • Card Thief

  • Lemon Demon

  • Tally Hall

  • Fraxium

  • . . . And more!

tiredsn0wRaxenlewTaphyAlly (old)

✧ ⋆ -Information - ⋆ ✧

  • Pronouns: They/them

  • I'm active online often!

  • I am a minor

  • I absolutely love my special interests

  • I will talk about them.

  • I am an INFP!

  • --------------------------------------------

  • My boundaries are here as well: RESPECT them.

  • - I am NOT okay with sex-related things ie. nsfw


  • - I am not your friend. Do not be creepy, overshare, get personal, or ask personal things. It's CREEPY

  • - Do not ship me with anyone. It's still creepy.

  • - I am a person, and I will be respected as such

  • --------------------------------------------

  • More can and will be added to that list: as of that, think of an average boundary list and add these!

Find me on here: 
Instagram: @mrmphkDiscord: @mrmph#5257
Link for itThere's no link

Discord is more difficult, so sorry!
Instagram is first option . :)

I have other socials, which will not be linked :) Find them loser